Alas, this was one fetus worth saving. But hell, it doesn't get much more messy than this one; even the platform it was meant to be released on was, itself, aborted. Double-abortion!

So what can we give you? Only what we do best: BLIND, UNSUBSTANTIATED SPECULATION! We know that this game certainly went into production (though it didn't get very far) and obviously we know it would've been 'mazing. But other than that, we know nothing. Nothing at all. Not a damn thing. Bob Hoskins could've been in it for all we know. In fact, he probably was. He definitely was.

Leigh Loveday just loves it when we archive ridiculously obscure remarks he made over ten years ago. And masturbate to them.

DKC2 VB Write-Up, Speculation And Screenshot Mock-Ups From Long Ago