It's coming.

It may take two years. It may take four years. It may take six years, but it's coming. With GAMECUBE, the next major console game starring Donkey Kong and his group of do-gooders could no doubt be the greatest Donkey Kong game of all time. Yet, we still have no idea what to expect.

Donkey Kong GAMECUBE (not the official title by any means) could be 3-D. Since DK64 was the series' first foray into 3-D, we can expect them to listen to the praise and complaints and adjust the game accordingly. Or they could go the route that many gamers are craving, and give us another grand 2-D DK adventure. Whatever it'll end up being, it's going to be huge.

This is going to be your unofficial source for Donkey Kong GAMECUBE information. We're first out of the gate, and we'll be with you to the very end. The future of gaming that centers around several apes is coming.

Make sure you're not left in the dark.

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