What do you get when you take the great scenery from Donkey Kong Country 1, 2 and 3, plenty of well known Kongs, animal buddys galore and mix them all up together with beautiful 3D rendering and a killer racing engine? Aside from getting a real mess, you get Donkey Kong Racing, the sequel to Diddy Kong Racing!

In this fantastic sequel, the Kongs and their friends duke it out the old fashioned way - riding everything from rhinos to swordfish to Zingers! Apparently, there's also the option of training up your character's animals to make them faster and stronger (possibly similar to the old Rare classic, RC Pro-AM). Not much information has been given on the game yet, but apparently one of the sections was "as fast as the speeders in Return of the Jedi".

We here at the Vine are looking mighty forward to this.

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