Sabre and Krystal. Two new heroes who will embark on a quest across the cosmos towards the Dinosaur Planet to battle an ancient evil (which either goes by the name or includes the SharpClaws). 50 plus characters are going to be in this massive N64 game, including the dinosaur Tricky from Diddy Kong Racing fame, who seems to be an Earthwalker Prince (we're as clueless as you by what that means). Along with the CloudRunner Princess dinosaur known as Kyte, they aid Sabre and Krystal on their quest. They can do all sorts of tasks for you if you keep them fed like a pregnant Hungry Hungry Hippo.

Majestic sounding levels such as Warlock Mountain, Swapstone Hollow and Discovery Falls will be part of this game, and all in real-time too. Incredibly detailed facial animations, hours (according to Rare) of in-game speech, and 512 MB of memory (like DK64, this game is Expansion Pak only) makes this perhaps the biggest adventure (in size, not memory) ever. We'll fill you in as time goes by on this game, which could be the biggest (apparent) Donkey Kong Universe game of all time...

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