DK Vine: Honourable Mentions: 1: Foreign Games

1: Foreign Games


Perhaps the most obvious or uncontroversial, the first category of games worth Mentioning Honourably are those that would unquestionably fall under the DKU umbrella, if only they were released in North America. To international fans, this particular DKU restriction would seem a little unfair. To put it another way though, their ineligibility is down only to regional exclusion that makes it impractical to give them full site treatment, and also makes them less relevant to the majority of DK Vine's audience. Either way, given the establishment of the "no foreigners" Rool, let's find out what games we're missing out on, eh?

So far, all the games in this section are simply Japan-exclusive. They fall naturally into two subcategories along DKU lines: DK series games, and cameo games.

1A: Foreign DK Games

These are games that, in the scope of broader-than-the-DKU canon, slot naturally into the Donkey Kong series, be they main platformers or spinoffs in genre terms. They are distinct games that follow the genealogy of Rare's DKC, and feature our beloved Kong-related characters, but had the misfortune to not be released in "the North Americas". Still, most worthy of an Honourable Mention or two, wouldn't you say?

1B: Foreign Cameo Games

Games that feature DK or any other pure DKU character in a supporting role in an established series, BUT never made it past Ellis Island to immigrate to North America. If they had, we could skip over their entries in the DKU Games list proper with a sigh and a huff, but as it is, we had to make a special section here to sigh and huff and skip over. Of course, some cameo games are well-loved or important to DKU affairs: your Mario Karts, your Smash Broses, and so on; but rest assured, if they weren't considered important enough to localise in the first place, you probably don't have to worry too much about what you've missed out on. Having said that, read what we've written about them! Please?


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