If you've read the What is the DKU? page, then maybe you're pissing and moaning about its scope. Mainly pissing. "Where's Sabre Wulf?" you cry, forlornly. Or, perhaps even, "HEY, how come you don't like Arcade DK?". Well quit your bellyaching and pissing, whippersnapper, because the Honourable Mentions category has you covered (not in piss, though, I'm sorry to say).

Back in my day our fictional universes weren't so structured. It was anything goes. But since we have the Rools, Honourable Mentions is a place for all those games that were almost DKU but then weren't. Here's what you’ll find here:

1. Foreign Games: Games featuring DKU characters that weren't released in North America (like Donkey Konga 3).

2. Precursors: Games in series that predate DKU incarnations (like DK Arcade).

3. Referenced in the DKU: Games that are referred to in DKU games but which aren't DKU themselves (like Sabre Wulf).

4. References to the DKU: Games that have (usually very minor) DKU cameos or references that don't constitute the full physical character appearance necessary for full DKU inclusion (like Chained Kong in Super Mario RPG).

It's as if the laws governing what games we primarily cover were relaxed slightly and taken outwards one or two steps. There's games here we wish we could fully recognise, and others that are just horrific embarrassments... so it's basically exactly the same as the real DKU but even more sprawling and unmanageable!

Have a click through the above sections for a bit more depth, or simply use the game list below to jump to the game you're interested in. Go on, give it a crack!