Look out of your window! It's a bird! Or a plane! Now look at your monitor. It's Mr. Pants!

Previously known as "Donkey Kong Coconut Crackers" (and other titles such as Sunflower, Nutcracker, Animal Crackers, and Splodge), Rare retooled the puzzler starring Leigh Loveday's magnum opus created one boring afternoon due to the loss of the Donkey Kong license. What we lost in Kong-related antics we gained in getting what is possibly the oddest game in the entire DKU. Bats with pants for teeth. Robots with pants for antennas. Trees that grow pants. You can't get any more batshit insane than that, folks.

Never formally released in markets like North America, a copy of the game can be found at a very cheap price online. But be warned: the massive amount of positivity throughout and the challenges that lie in the end may be too overwhelming for the mind to handle.

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