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In the sport of caption-writing, this one ain't gonna win any trophies. BUT I DON'T CARE I NEVER WANTED TO WIN ANYTHING ANYWAY.

Screw you all.

Well, this one crept up on the DKU canon in a surprisingly covert manner; it took several years of being generally ignored before anyone thought to check.

Then, someone came along and said something like, "hey, I've just thought to check!"

Anyway, it turns out that after years of us DK Vine weirdoes whispering in Rare's general direction, "Rare, if you put a certain special little goldfish in WHATEVER game it is you're making, we'll definitely buy it" we'd had what we wanted all along: a small cameo from Roysten the goldfish in an otherwise completely unrelated game! Roysten appears as one of the prizes in one of the golf games or something. I can't even begin to imagine the Earth-shattering continuity implications of this revelation. So for ease, I won't.

No explanation required here.

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