Thanks to the fans at 4J studios, a certain Skin Pack 1 DLC contains Banjo, Grunty, Mumbo, Bottles, Klungo, and Tooty skins. Thus, after much deliberation (by which I of course mean alcoholism), Minecraft 360 has been named the first DKU game by way of DLC! You know, even though there's no narrative, no objective, and no consistent location, we're ecstatic to welcome such favorites as Steve, Creeper, and Dirt Block into the DKU!

As if that wasn't enough, Skin Pack 2 emerged loaded with Viva Piñata's, er, Piñatas. And then, GET THIS, Skin Pack 3 hopped on the scene with Conker T. Squirrel in his first appearence since the mid-2000s. WACKY SHIT, RIGHT?

How did Banjo and friends get to Minecraft land? Well... er... in classic lazy explanation fashion, I'm gonna just blame it all on bored deity LOG! It seems like the sort of thing he'd do. Because anything's possible, even things that aren't.

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