Mario has taken to the business realm, entering a niche market in the Mushroom Dimension: toy making! The slave-drivenhappy workers of the factory are pumping out toys of all our favourite Mario characters by the bucketload... except for one.

Donkey Kong is pissed. Here we have Mario, making himself rich off these toys, and there's not ONE piece of Donkey Kong memorabilia?! What madness is this?! So, our big ape friend marches into the Mushroom Kingdom and takes a leaf from Cranky's book, taking over the factory and hiding all the dolls. Unless Mario starts making DK toys, our gorilla friend is shutting him down.

Join Mario in his one-sided quest to rescue his toys and shove DK out, proving he has no intention of making any kind of DKU merchandise whatsoever. You'll leap barrels, climb ladders, and go through a massive gauntlet of stuff not too dissimilar to the whole Big Ape City incident years before. The first DKU game where we go against DK, and it's only for Game Boy Advance! (as if you'd find it anywhere else)

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