Donkey Kong meets the Pac Man ghosts in the racing event of the century!

That's right! For just two of your hard-earned pounds dollars groats, you too can sit down in a full-size mechanical replica of a Mario-brand kart, pretend to be a gorilla and... well, lose immediately. Because the control functions have evidently been designed by people who've never driven a car before and assume that "flailing around all over the place" more or less equates to perfectly reasonable road behaviour.

Mario Kart Arcade GP introduces an assload of new items (though, sadly an actual "assload" is not one of them) and strange new racers (presumably) from another universe. It's a fairly off-the-wall entry to the series, which is fitting since "the wall" is the likely direction your Kart will predominantly be veering toward.

That is, assuming you don't just get thrown out of the arcade for showing up in a gorilla costume and tossing custard pies all over the place. God, some people are just so uptight...

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