Toothy Kong and his toothy teeth are toothing it out in this teethy tooth-a-thon! Have YOU got the teeth for it??

Oh, hang on. Sorry, I'll start again.

Er, welcome to Mario Kart! Where would we be without old faithful, reliable Mario Kart? Calm yourself, friend, I know exactly what you're thinking: "gee, I sure wish I could pack all the excitement of the Mario Kart experience into one small portable cartridge and play it any time I wanted! Because, golly gosh, the very thought of having to go anywhere at all for even a moment without constant ready-access to Mario Kart makes me physically sick." Well, you're in luck!

Mario Kart DS: without a doubt the best handheld dual-screen DKU racing game released in 2005.

Submitted by
Waddle Dedede.
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