Finally, after all this time, a racing game has come to the Wii that has Donkey Kong characters in it. Oh, wait. Well, if you ignore that other one (as a lot of people tend to do), then surely this game has you revving your engines and checking your mirrors in anticipation. If you aren't a fan of the balanced and enjoyable experience of say, Mario Kart 64, and prefer the more random and bullshit game play of Mario Kart: Double Dash, than you're in luck! Blue Shells return in their starring role, though this time you can even go online and get blue shell'd by strangers! Finally, I can share the frustration and humiliation of Mario Kart with people I don't even know.

This installment does away with the dual kart design of it's predecessor, but makes up for it by including 12 racers at a time, motorcycles, and aerial tricks that award speed boosts. Oh, and did I neglect to mention BABIES?! Yes, this game has all the obnoxious and annoying babies your heart could ever desire! Other new racers include Dry Bowser, Funky Kong, and Miis. That's right, if you've ever imagined speeding along Rainbow Road as Dog the Bounty Hunter or drifting through Bowser's Castle as George Takei, now's your chance.

Once you've gotten past the novelty of the "ingenious" Wii Wheel and switched back to your trusty GameCube controller, you'll quickly recognize the Mario Kart you've loved and hated (but mostly hated). Brace yourselves for more toothy grins, more unforgiving game play, and of course, MORE BABIES!

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