I know what you're thinking: "Ugh, Mario Party 6? When are they going to stop making this mindless filler garbage?"

Normally that would be acceptable when it comes to any of the other 400 Mario Party games, but this game right here is... well, it's simply perfect. This brilliant Mario Party adventure is the pinnacle and achievement of all of mankind's entertainment endeavors. There shall never be a collection of mini-games, board maps and music more perfect in every mathematical and spiritual way than what's packaged in Mario Party 6. Thank you for your gift to the world, Hudson.

Naw, it's not even worth joking about the game like that. But even with the lack of playable DK and the inclusion of the really shitty Nintendo GameCube Mic, there surprisingly is a ton to like about Mario Party 6 that more or less places it on the same pedestal as the first three games, as big of an exaggeration as that might seem at first. Why don't you read a bit more to see exactly how? I know you're drying to cram your mind with oodles of Mario Party 6 trivia.

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