Mario Party 7 has the distinguishing distinction of having been released between Mario Party 6 and Mario Party 8. BELIEVE IT. Plus, it's the first ever Mario Party game to be numbered seven (and some have even speculated that there will never be another such occurrence in our lifetime) and, as such, it is (reportedly) a video game.

It chronicles the epic tale of Mario and friends' ill-fated attempts to head off on a cruise vacation around Mushroom World. Yes! That's right! What was otherwise shaping up to be a tranquil, serene floataround upon waves of nothingness, pissing the hours away inconsequentially through various nondescript vacation-esque backdrops soon turned out to be a... oh, wait.

Well, whatever it is that's meant to be going on, DK's been dragged along with all of this cruise boat malarkey (presumably against his will). The result? Compulsory land-on-my-space-and-we'll-play-a-stupid-game duty: a job fit for an ape! Don't knock it, it's a steady job.

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