Straight from the depths of hell, your favorite Mushroom Kingdom goons are back to hit the dice, steal each other's shit, and perform all other sorts of shenanigans in the eighth installment of Mario Party. Only this time, you'll be gettin' down under the influence of motion control. So now instead of partying 'till the sun comes up, it's all about partying 'till your Wii remote gets harpooned through the living room wall.

So, the burning question: What's up with our favorite party-animal, Donkey Kong? Well, not a lot. Following the trend set by Mario Parties 5-7, he is yet again reduced to a board space and forced to endure all kinds of humiliating publicity. DK really should have read the fine print before signing this +10 year contract, because there's no doubt he would have jumped ship if he foresaw spending one of these things riding around in a taxi delivering handouts to the likes of Blooper. (As for why HE'S playable, I guess the community outreach program had to work sometime.)

That said, one Kong's degenerating social life doesn't subdue the amusement. With carpal tunnel at an all-time high and wrist straps snapping at breakneck speeds, it's definitely the craziest party yet. But please...proceed with maximum caution.

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