Mario Party-e is the game that sure puts the "holy shit" in "holy shit, it's Mario Party-e!" But don't take my word for it, for Mario Party-e comes fully endorsed by the ghost of squidgy-faced celebrity steeplejack Fred Dibnah! Take it away, Ghost of Fred!

"Eeee, bloody 'ell! Last week I were in a spot o' bother 'cause I got my 'ead stuck in t'chimney. I wouldn't've minded, but t'buildin' were meant to be demolished on t'same day. By 'eck! So I thought I'd inhale 'n' swallow as much o' t'coal as I could; I like eatin' coal, it's lovely. Anyway, when t'chimney got demolished I had a bellyful o' coal and it were enough to cause t'internal combustion 'n' launch me face out. Then I had t'black puddin' it were dead nice."

Thanks, Ghost of Fred! Clearly, Mario Party-e is a game that comes highly recommended, BUY THE CARDS IMMEDIATELY.