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Put yourself in my situation for a moment, what would you do? You've made the obligatory pilgrimage to Old London Town, UK for pretty much the same reasons everyone goes there (or so they tell me): to gatecrash a Sonic the Hedgehog convention. Obviously, you're horribly drunk, obviously, you haven't bothered to acquire tickets and obviously you have basically no interest in Sonic the Hedgehog to begin with. But by GOD you're getting into this convention if it kills you.

So there I was, queuing up behind the hoards of teenagers--a vast proportion of whom were inexplicably dressed as Pikachu--waiting. Waiting to bask in hedgehog-flavoured celebration! Waiting, trying not to be sick. Why was I doing this? What possible reason?

Because of THIS GAME of course! An exclusive sneak-preview that was rumoured to be available at that very convention and I'm exactly the sort of guy who'd travel over 200 miles to play it.

In the end, though, the queue was too damn long and I couldn't be arsed. It later turned out that the game wasn't even being presented there, so I've never played it. And now, I never will. Because FUCK THIS GAME and everything it did to me.

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