This game isn't out yet, but if I'm really crafty I can probably word this game introduction is such a way as to exonerate myself of the need to re-write it post-release! You, dear reader, will be NONE THE WISER!

Oh, wait. Bugger. I ruined it with that first paragraph, didn't it?

Ah well. Here goes. This 3DS incarnation of the surprisingly rapidly-expanding Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games series (probably) takes its cues from its handheld predecessor and (probably) features a special adventurey RPG-esque story-type-thing in which the player (probably) has to thwart some kind of wicked plan or other, (probably) by playing sports. This (probably) culminates in Donkey Kong behaving in a weird and humiliating manner, (probably) joining the protagonists on their quest-for-whatever and (probably) beating Bowser at a gripping game of chess.

It's (probably) fun!

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