From the makers of the brain-meltingly popular Mario Hoops 3-On-3 comes this: another game to emphasise my own abnormal laziness, which (along with my propensity for random pants-removal) disqualifies me from anything even resembling a "sport", much less a "mix" of same.

Enough about me, though, because here we have a video game simulation of what it might be like to play one of these "sport" things! Of course, in Mario Sports Mix these fickle notions of honour and glory are rendered entirely irrelevant as the Mushroomian masses tough it out for the frankly irresistible prospect of SPACE DIAMONDS. Plus, it goes without saying that Donkey and Diddy are drafted, so what's in store for our beloved simian conscripts? As it turns out: a space-time continuum-ripping collision with yet more pan-dimensional characters from some game I've never heard of. Oh, and basketball, volleyball, dodgeball and hockey. Apparently.

Charles Martinet promises to never say the word "fantastico" ever again. On pain of me finding where he lives and ramming a Wiimote down his gullet.

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Waddle Dedede.
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