Join stupidly-named protagonists Clay and Ace as they investigate precisely who that tie-wearing gorilla in an unconvincing mask was. How do they investigate? Why, by playing tennis, naturally!

In this sequel to Mario Tennis' similar-in-nature GBC incarnation, we meet once again with the now-washed-out and disillusioned protagonists from those hazy 8-bit days, only to be taught a lesson in the fleeting nature of sportsmanship glory and the grim reality: no matter how creepy your beard looked when you were 17, Creepy Beardy Harry, it's even more creepy now that you're in your mid-20s and still hang around with prepubescent kids.

I... might have headed off on a bit of a tangent there.

Anyway, Mario Tennis: Power Tour! It's a neat little tennis adventure riddled with (uncharacteristically for cameo games) charming continuity nods for the benefit of us freaks, complete with the weird floaty sky-castle that the Mario cast now, apparently, lives in (I've spoiled the whole game there, by the way, but who cares). It's all still pretty novel, though, even the fourth time around. Oh, and there's tennis. Did I mention the tennis? There's tennis in it.

One of the playable characters is called Chad.

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