Do you ever find yourself playing the Wii and thinking, “You know, this game sure is fun, but where is that good old 80’s racism that I loved so much in my youth?” Well, dust off that balance board and grab a couple of beers bottles of soda, because Punch-Out!! is back.

Next Level Games and Nintendo has brought back everyone’s favorite family-friendly boxing simulator, and the entire cast of lovable punching bags is along for the ride, from Weaky the Frenchman to Cheaty the Irishman. And let’s not forget that colorful Doc Louis, whose penchant for chocolate bars and one-liners is outmatched only by his unending quest to steal your bike.

And, wouldn’t you know it, Donkey Kong’s in there too! That’s right, The Banana™ that King Hippo eats isn’t the only reason that this game is DKU. And when a hairy, nearly nude gorilla is the least offensive character you’re facing off against, you know you’re in for a good time.

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