Fox McCloud makes his GAMECUBE debut in an uncharacteristic fashion: An Action / RPG platform hero! The game, which was formerly slated for the N64 under the title "Dinosaur Planet", will for the most part remain intact save a few ovbious storyline upheavals. This game is made DKU through the dinosaur Tricky from Diddy Kong Racing fame, and we'll be here to cover every whine for food, and every subsequent splosh of dino feces.

Majestic sounding levels such as Warlock Mountain, Thorntail Hollow and Discovery Falls will be part of this game, and all in real-time too. With incredibly detailed facial animations, hours of in-game speech, and a plethora of characters new and old all running silk-smoothly on the GAMECUBE (with full furry shenanigans), and the fact that this game is a prequel to all the current games in Donkey Kong Universe continuity, this could be the biggest DKU game to date!

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Why Dinosaur Planet Is A Donkey Kong Universe Game Even Though The Dinosaur Planet Team Defecated On The Notion Like A Sweaty French Farmer

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