Until one fateful day in August 2006, for whatever reason, "control a spaceship using only a small plastic stick" wasn't on the list of things YOU wanted to do before you died. But now it is, boyo*, and as such, we demand that you do so! Don't even think about trying to get out of this one!

Luckily the Star Fox crew are back--albeit in a rather crippled, diminished state--for what's very possibly their last flight through the DKU**, and they're going to need YOU to do JUST THAT! Really wild, right?

Star Fox Command explores the notion of multiple possible futures, dragging Fox McCloud (and an ever-expanding cast of woodland-animals-from-space) kicking and screaming into a brutal confrontation with the dastardly "Anglar". How will it play out? Where does our DKU-ambassador Krystal fit into all this? Why am I still hearing those voices? When will they STOP? Play on, player! And who knows? Maybe you'll find out!

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*Or "girlo" in the unlikely circumstance that, not only is someone reading this stuff, but that they're FEMALE too! Hi girlo! How ya doin'?

**Unless there's any marathon-fanwankers out there who'd care to jizz-force Star Fox 64 3D into canon? No? I didn't think so.