Here's an interesting one, then. A game within a game; ooh, it's almost Shakespearian. The 3DS came with a bunch of pre-installed muckaround software, most of which loses its novelty within approximately 14.8 seconds of play. But Streetpass Mii Plaza's Puzzle Swap game has a crafty way of keeping you coming back: by continually adding new bits for you to look at. More crucially: BY ADDING A BIT WITH DONKEY KONG IN IT.

As of December 6th 2011, this game hopped its way into the DKU by way of a Donkey Kong Country Returns-themed puzzle depicting a moment during that adventure in GLORIOUS THREEDIE. In doing so it's also set a weird precident about dowloadable content and the validity of self-contained games-within-games, the potentially weird consequences of which are giving me a bit of a headache, so I'm going to ignore them.

Puzzle swap!

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