From UK studio Sumo Digitial comes this contender for DKU game with the most convoluted title, a Sonic and Sega-themed (bit redundant, that) racer...with Banjo Kazooie.

Initially limited only to Sega characters, The game made an impression on Microsoft prior to release, which lead to their request for system-exclusive characters. Hence, Banjo and Kazooie were added to the game (along with another Rare-creation: the 360 Avatars), their names even appended to the game's title on its box art.

While Banjo's inclusion harkens back to his roots in Diddy Kong Racing (and his stint in Banjo-Pilot, and... whatever was going on in Nuts & Bolts), the game itself is unashamedly similar to the Mario Kart series in driving mechanics and item system. However, a number of additional features and arguable improvements on the formula (read: no Spiny Shells) helped it to stand out among other mascot racers and become a respectable addition to the DKU.

Oh yeah, and it's a painstakingly crafted celebration of over two decades of Sega history or some such.

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