Before the Wii came out and conquered the gaming world, news of a Smash Bros. title for the system was met with excitement. What could Nintendo do to surpass the leap of graphical and content-based quality that Melee established in comparison to the original?

For starters, including Diddy Kong.

But for those outside of this sunset website, there was much more included for the game. More stages, both new and classic. Custom made stages. New characters (like Diddy Kong). The appropriately-named Final Smashes, which unleashed a character's most powerful ability. A new Single-Player mode entitled the Subspace Emissary that can also be played with a friend. Online play. Third-party characters in the form of Sonic the Hedgehog and Snake the Metal Gear Solid Guy. Diddy Kong.

While Brawl was not the perfect sequel, and while the debate will always rage on between whether Melee or Brawl was better, there's no denying that the standards for mascot-based fighting were significantly raised, nor can you deny the anticipation that this game held. And it was all because of Diddy Kong.

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