Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS logo (click to enlarge)
Yep. That's definitely a logo. Uh-huh.

Super Smash Bros. has gotten bigger than ever. No longer content with just the comfort of your home, it wants you to take it with you. It wants to see it all — Mount Rushmore, the Four Corners, the Pantheon, and especially the teacher's lounge of your local school. And it has just the ticket to make it happen.

As the counterpart of its Wii U offering, Super Smash Bros. Fisticuffs [for Nintendo 3DS] reaches into Nintendo's handheld history more than ever before. Now you can relive Donkey Kong crushing Pikmin and plowing through Animal Crossing villages in 3D... unless you happen to have a Nintendo 2DS.

Will Dixie Kong, with Tropical Freeze still fresh in everyone's minds, throw down her own gauntlet? Will the story of the Adventure Mode be more dialogue-driven than in Brawl? Will Nintendo actually acknowledge its Arcade output in the Chronicle this time (no, seriously, it got totally snubbed last time)? Lllllllllet's get ready to stick thick black outlines on our bodies and rumbleeeeeeeeeee!!

Never 'eard of 'em.

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