In the grim and distant past, with or without the aid of time travel and/or inter-dimentional sliding (depending on how hard you've had to think about this in your role as dedicated DKU fanwanker), Donkey Kong's (face-meltingly adorable) baby self sure knows an opportunity to ride dinosaurs when he sees one!

The result? A somewhat tenuous (even by our standards) link to the Donkey Kong Universe, starring the perpetually optimistic Yoshi clan in some hardcore Nintendo-brand tongue-action. Saddle up, fatsos!

NOTE FOR THE CURIOUS: even we aren't completely sure if this game is DKU or not, it takes considerable groin-stretching of the rules to make it qualify and some equally-painful stretching to make it not count at all. Why not battle it out on the DK Vine forums!? Who knows, you might make some new friends! Fall in love! Wind up heartbroken and kill yourself! But probably not, to be honest.