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New Posts E3 2017 Discussion
From the DK Vine Party House in downtown Los Angeles, it's E3 2017! All of the happenings and shindigs from gaming's biggest event can be discussed here, with a special focus on all of the Donkey Kong Universe and Rare-related shenanigans. Hey, at least we know Sea of Thieves is going to be there. That's better insurance than we get most years!

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In: DK Vine @ E3 2017
By: NES Boy
New Posts General DKU Discussion
This is the place for discussion that relates to the entire Donkey Kong Universe. Would you like to debate the map placement of Timber's Island compared to the Isle O' Hags? How long is a bus ride to Pants Land from Ghoulhaven Hall? Would Big Al riding Rambi be as awkward as it sounds?

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In: The Kongversation
New Posts Donkey Kong Discussion
Here you can talk about Rare's Kong family and friends, now lovingly in the hands of Retro Studios. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is the main topic at the moment, but you can also discuss the original DKC games, the Donkey Kong Land trilogy, Diddy Kong Racing, PAON's output, and even those damned bongo titles.

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By: amanezco
New Posts Banjo Discussion
Wahay! Here's the board for Diddy Kong Racing's hillbilly bear and the other wacky inhabitants of Spiral Mountain. Discuss Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, Grunty's Revenge, Banjo-Pilot, the mobile titles, Nuts & Bolts and any other future Banjo games.

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558 11940 Last Post Jun 21 2017, 01:35 PM
In: Banjo Kazooie DS (SM64DS RO...
By: Doggo144
New Posts Conker Discussion
Things have taken a dark turn for Conker since we first met him in Diddy Kong Racing. While he's fallen into depression and alcoholism, he'll always have a sanctuary here. Discuss Conker's Pocket Tales, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Conker: Live & Reloaded and Conker's Big Reunion... but watch out for those Acorn People. BEHIND YOU!

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356 9477 Last Post Jun 2 2017, 05:37 PM
In: The Change of Art Style
By: Dustin Demon
New Posts Dinosaur Planet Discussion
In Star Fox Adventures, we learned that Diddy Kong Racing's Tricky was from the Lylat System, bringing Fox McCloud and crew into the Donkey Kong Universe. Discuss the Dinosaur Planet games (Star Fox Adventures, Star Fox Assault and Star Fox Command) here. Sorry... you'll have to leave your blasters on the ship.

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In: Could Smash Bros. Have Chan...
By: GmanSir
New Posts Fish 'n Chaps Discussion
It's the Banjo-Kazooie spinoffs! Roysten the goldfish appears in Grabbed by the Ghoulies and the Viva Piņata franchise! Mr. Pants appears in It's Mr Pants! And coming soon, Captain Blackeye appears in Sea of Thieves! HE'S A CHAP WHO SMELLS LIKE FISH.

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In: Cooper's full name is "...
By: Enter The Kiwi
New Posts Playtonic Discussion
It's the newest category in the DKU! Playtonic has promised a robust shared universe all their own, but thanks to a familiar rapper (and an unnamed goldfish), Yooka-Laylee and all subsequent Playtonic games are also part of the grand legacy of the Donkey Kong Universe. Look, we somehow justified Star Fox as a DK spinoff. Are you really going to fight us on this?

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In: Connections to Mayan Culture
By: NathanVS.
New Posts Cameo Game Discussion
Occasionally, Cranky Kong's old nemesis invites Donkey Kong to the Mushroom Kingdom for some sports balling. Discuss the Cameo Games here. Of course, 95% of topics will just be who you want in Smash Bros.

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In: The Most Beautiful Mash Up
By: Angry Ancestor

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