Have you noticed that this site's main area is horrendously out of date?

Do you have a sense of humor that could be described as MST3K meets Arrested Development meets the season 5 X-Files episode "Bad Blood"?

Do you, through your affinity for Donkey Kong Universe games, forsake all remaining aspects of your personal life in a routine that borders on criminally negligent?

If you answered "Fuck, yes!" to any of these, you must Submit! This system allows users of our shockingly lively forum community to take an active role in the site that drew them all here in the first place, but in recent years has sadly fallen by the wayside. Character Biographies, Game Summaries, Checklists, Speculation Centers, Screenshots (with hilarious captions): we need 'em all, and then some!

Submitting content for DK Vine is relatively painless process... probably!

Preferably (though not necessarilly; this is mainly for ease of attribution) create an account at the DK Vine Forums. Done? Great!

• Have a click around the site (the games pages in particular are probably worth looking over). If you spot anything that makes you go, "well, what this section REALLY needs is this" then there's a pretty good chance you're the right person to fill that gap... please?

• If you're not sure what the hell kind of stuff I'm talking about then, well, some of the favorites are Character Biographies, Checklists, Speculation Centers (for unreleased games), Story So Far write-ups, General Game Info, Screenshots (with hilarious captions of your creation), Artwork, Reviews, and... well, anything else your editorially conscious mind can think up!

• When you see something you want to contribute, go to the Submit thread in the DK Vine Forum. If it hasn't already been "adopted," make a post and call it for yourself. Once an editor (currently Chad, Hyle, Cameron, Jeff, Joe and Matt) verifies your adoption, go right ahead and e-mail us what you've got at submit@dkvine.com!

• Alternatively just e-mail us right away; we encourage posting in the thread for ease of keeping track, but it's not a deal-breaker. Matter o' fact we're pretty EASY when it comes to the reception of free content!

• When your submission goes live, the DK Vine main page will be updated, and permanent credit will be given to you on the actual page you created. This will appear as your Forum ID (or real name if requested), your Forum Avatar, and a link to your Forum Profile.

Questions? Ask them in the Submit! thread or send us an e-mail.