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It's been an interesting week for fans of Nintendo. From Star Fox Zero's release (that's been contentious in the DK Vine community) to renewed rumors of a Monster Games-developed Diddy Kong Racing, it would have been enough to base an entire episode around. But then Nintendo seemed to set their entire company on fire by announcing that the NX, and Zelda, are delayed until March of next year... and the Wii U version of Zelda is the only game they're showing at E3. HUH?
Note that Hyle originally wanted the episode title "NintenD'OH!", thinking it would please classic Simpsons fan Chad. Chad argued that they should double down and go with the more obscure Simpsons reference "Ninten(annoyed grunt)". Chad won.
Producer: Hyle Russell
Hosts: Chad McCanna, Hyle Russell
Music: Matt Cornah