The PoDKast

Do you like video game apes? Do you like listening to people talk about video game apes and "related" subject matter at length? Has anyone ever told you you're a very strange individual who is probably not eating enough DELICIOUS PRINGLES?

Well, you've certainly chosen the right internet-place to poke around in, haven't you? Here's a load of podcastery from the probably-not-mentally-ill Pod-DK-Cast team, fresh from the wank-stained walls of PoDKast Studios. So come! Join Jeff, Matt and Cameron along with a whole host of other guest stars (read: hostages) as they attempt to provide you, you grotesque human being, with your needs.

Now go out and buy fucking loads of Pringles. Buy them. BUY ALL OF THEM. BUY ALL THE FUCKING PRINGLES IN THE WORLD. GO ON. DO IT NOW, YOU MASSIVE TWAT.

Series 2 Latest:
Episode 206: Necrophilia
       November 12th, 2013
Episode 205: Duck
       September 14th, 2013
Episode 204: Blocks
       August 9th, 2013
Episode 203: Irrelevance
       May 31st, 2013
Episode 202: Holidoomsday
       December 23rd, 2012
Episode 201: Refueled
       November 24th, 2012

Series 1:
Episode 108: Revelation
       October 8th, 2012
Episode 107: Batape
       September 17th, 2012
Episode 106: Cosmos
       September 7th, 2012
Episode 105: Blasphemy
       April 9th, 2012
Episode 104: Bear
       March 3rd, 2012
Episode 103: Future
       January 26th, 2012
Episode 102: Hoskins
       December 14th, 2011
Episode 101: Rebirthday
       November 24th, 2011

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