Episode 101: Rebirthday
Episode 101: Rebirthday

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The PoDKast is back, and tolerable as ever! The Gnu Staff TM have taken on the production, and with new cast comes new ways to talk about cartoon gorillas. Join Matt, Ben, and Jeff as they awkwardly try to discuss what exactly the DKU even is. From there the conversation transitions (poorly) to Donkey Kong Country's seventeenth anniversary.

After tossing around the classic, the crew discusses Donkey Kong Country's return, and then the similar reprisal attempt, Donkey Kong Country 4, in our first Games that Were Going to be Made but Which Were Aborted at Some Point During Development. Finally, we round off the show with a look at what games are coming up on The DKDAR. You might want to cancel your dinner plans because you're going to have a raging perma-boner.

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