Episode 102: Hoskins
Episode 102: Hoskins

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In the wake of Mario Kart 7's (surprisingly recent, considering our utterly inefficient recording schedule) release, we, the uncreative minds of PoDKast Studios bring you this: a racing-themed episode! And you know what? It's every bit as nipple-pleasing as it sounds.

So, through variously half-assed links from one poorly-researched element of Mario Kart 7 to another, we attempt to discuss everyone's favourite abortion, Diddy Kong Pilot, in Games that Were Going to be Made but Which Were Aborted at Some Point During Development. After that, further bickering and analysis of Bowser's claw-crotch proximity leads us on, as we then push the very boundaries of audio possibilities with our brain-shattering Donkey Kong Barrel Blast conversation, in Forgotten Games.

I have easy-to-please nipples.

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