Episode 103: Future
Episode 103: Future

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It's New Year's Day in PoDKastland and Ben, Jeff and Matt are in a somewhat questionable state. Semi-conscious, semi-sober, not-even-semi-thought-through, the person who thought recording this thing was a good idea WILL BE MADE TO PAY. But the results are nothing if not... real?

That being the case, we apologise for this, the PoDKast at its most painfully unplanned and groggy. It is what it is, which isn't what it isn't. It may or may not feature in-depth analysis of FORTUNE STREET.

Aside from that, your wanker hosts will proceed through a stream-of-barely-consciousness conversation which borders on the insane, but rarely borders on actually having anything to do with Donkey Kong.


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I Don't Know The Rules To Golf (I Do Not Know The Rules) (MP3 download)

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