Episode 105: Blasphemy
Episode 105: Blasphemy

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It's Easter! It's all Eastery and stuff! We love Easter!

And what better way for the PoDKast's proud wazzocks to celebrate than with this: an offering of what is arguably their most off-colour offering to date, featuring Jeff's award-winning rape joke and some entirely uncalled-for Buddhist-baiting? I can't possibly imagine!

The boys ramble on unabated, touching on such diverse and deep-reaching topics as "chickens" and, at a push, "eggs" to say nothing of some of their spectacularly well-thought-out analysis of a specific "rabbit" in the Specific Character Segment. They continue by detailing the latest (and, I'm sure you'll agree) most amazing PoDKast once-in-a-lifetime competition, which has to be heard to believed! Probably!

The episode concludes with the Forgotten Games segment, which revisits one of the most timeless classics of all... er, time. Listen now, or else RISK CRUCIFIXION!

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