Episode 106: Cosmos
Episode 106: Cosmos

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In honour of the non-terrestrial (or, at least, the mildly drug-addled) listeners to our almost-as-popular-as-a-shit-smeared-dinner-plate podcast, we bring you this: our first episode dedicated to outer space, aliens and futuristic jiggerypokery; essentially everything you'd expect from an ape-oriented audio show!

With Ben mysteriously non-present, new boy Cameron joins jizz-drizzling regulars Jeff and Matt for a voyage through the cosmos, featuring out-of-this-world analysis of everything from Donkey Kong Jungle Climber's terrifying alien banana-people to the possible implications of haemorrhoids on a space pig (in our particularly porcine Specific Character Segment). Plus, this episode introduces another brand new segment by the name of Jeff Reckons He Knows What's Going On in which Jeff attempts to rationalise the brainfuckery presented by Donkey Kong Barrel Blast's Disco Space Unicorn Gorillas! It's the audio show you've been waiting for your whole life!

Games That Were Going To Be Made But Which Were Aborted At Some Point In Development also returns with a once-over on the ever-yearned-for (I-really-need-to-stop-constructing-hyphenated-adjective-phrases-don't-I) Dinosaur Planet. Also, a long-awaited announcement is made pertaining to the PoDKast jingle competition. But since we KNOW that's the only reason you'll be listening, we stuck that bit at the end.

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