Episode 107: BatApe
Episode 107: BatApe

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Missing the mid-summer hype completely, the PoDKast crew brings you it's most tangentially relevant episode theme yet: BATMAN! Ben's whereabouts are still unknown, as Matt, Jeff, and their new cohort Cameron spend most of their time trying to justify talking about the caped crusader. But can this new host be trusted?

Following a breakdown of the Bat's ape-related comparisons, we delve into the back story of Bachelor Bear in our latest installment of Which Brothers Bear is Best?. Jeff lays down some bat-shit theory in Jeff Reckons He Knows What's Going On, which leads us into an exciting analysis of bats in the DKU.

Finally, after discussing villains and sidekicks, we get to the real meat of the episode: DK's on again/off again co-hero, Super Mario. It's the Donkey Kong themed audio show you deserve, but not the one you need right now!

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