Episode 108: Revelation
Episode 108: Revelation

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This is the very last PoDKast episode EVER! Well, until we decide to make more I guess. That's right, it's our season 1 finale! Matt, Jeff, and Cameron run through some of the best (and worst) DKU finales, including one FORGOTTEN GAME in particular. Following this, we finally follow up with our Jingle Contest winner, Andy Barrett/Zeppelin for an exclusive interview of HIGH PHILOSOPHICAL SIGNIFICANCE. Finally, we end with a short-lived reunion and a surprise phonecall from some long lost friends. It's almost as good as getting stabbed!

Disclaimer: this episode may, in fact, make no sense.

Other Involved Persons (Possibly Against Their Will):
    Andy Barrett
    Alastair Craig
    Chad McCanna
    Janell McCanna
    Joe Mudd
    Hyle Russell
    Ben Sciortino

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