Episode 201: Refueled
Episode 201: Refueled

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So! Then! Here! Is! Another! Series! Of! The! PoDKast!

Although we've attempted to change and improve (not to mention having forced our resident jingle-writer to replace self-deprecation with self-aggrandisement in a last-ditch attempt to fool people into sticking with us) it turns out that simply saying "this is a whole new series" doesn't necessarily mean it'll be particularly distinguishable from the last one.

But HEY, who cares? It's Diddy Kong Racing's birthday (not to mention the birthday of the PoDKast pseudo-reboot, but probably nobody cares about that fact anyway) so we're allowed to suck ourselves off in a glorious lack of self-awareness. Plus as we do so, we're joined by guest host Karla as well as our all-new permanent co-host Wanky the Duck!

Does anyone even read these blurb things? If so, HI BLURB-READER PERSON! I want to lick your nipples.

Supplementary Junk

Download Karla Abuse (3.28 MB)

Deleted scene, featuring some of the most honourable feminism ever captured by audio devices.

    Matt Cornah
    Jeff Onan
    Cameron Reigle

    Karla Gurney
    Wanky the Duck

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