Episode 202: Holidoomsday
Episode 202: Holidoomsday

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Hey, GET THIS, there's a Christmas episode of the PoDKast! It's, er, feature length! Because naturally we assume that, what with it being all Crimbley and that, you'll have at least double the amount of time on your hands to fill up with... er, this.

Join Matt, Cameron and Leanne for their comedically half-assed attempts to talk about something, anything, that feels like it might approximate to relevance! Plus, there was that whole thing-o about the world ending or something, I dunno. It's quite a journey, and who knows? It might just take you to the END OF THE UNIVERSE.

Spoiler: it won't.

Supplementary Junk

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The song that plays at the end; the words from Roy Wood's I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day set to the Walrus Cove music from Diddy Kong Racing (apologies, David Wise). Because Christmas episodes are contractually (and MORALLY) obliged to end on an embarassing Christmas-flavoured musical thing, and the PoDKast is no exception!

    Leanne Coote
    Matt Cornah
    Cameron Reigle

    Jeff Onan
    Wanky the Duck

And the delicious
    Andy Barrett

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