Episode 204: Blocks
Episode 204: Blocks

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Jeff is wearing a gas mask for religious reasons and Andy Barrett (whom you'll remember from episode 108, obviously) has escaped from the well. Oh, and apparently a new home console Donkey Kong Country game has been announced or something.

The PoDKast crew offer a few half-thoughts on the matter of this newly (well, semi-newly, considering how long it took for this episode to get edited) emerged news in their old new segment, The Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze-Dar. It's a clever pun on the word "radar".

After all of that malarkey things progress into a strange discussion—constantly derailed by their well-escapee Andy—about Banjo and Kazooie's BLOCKY appearences, in honour of the B-K anniversary last month. Does this count as entertainment? I'm not sure, I can't remember what it is.

    Jeff Onan
    Matt Cornah
    Cameron Reigle

    Andy Barrett
    Wanky the Duck

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