Episode 205: Duck
Episode 205: Duck

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In a desperate attempt to claw back (or, to put it another way, simply claw) some popularity amongst the COOL KIDS, the PoDKast boys return with an episode centred around ducks and, more specifically, the well-loved '90s Disney cartoon/comic/stage musical Duck Tales. They meticulously examine the series (because they're all sophisticated and stuff) and draw parallels between it and the DKU in a manner that can only be described as "WELL-THOUGHT OUT" and almost certainly not "TENUOUS".

With apologies to the entire nation of Scotland.

Supplementary Junk

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The song that plays at the end. Bet you can't guess what soung this is a rubbish cover version of, can you? Yep, that's right! It's the theme tune from Chuckle Vision!

    Jeff Onan
    Matt Cornah
    Cameron Reigle

    Wanky the Duck

And the delicious
    Andy Barrett

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