Review Guidelines

Are there DKU games that you enjoy (or reasonably dislike) so much that you'd like to express your opinions through the soliloquy known as a review? Or are you artistically challenged, yet you'd like to contribute to the site anyway? Cool. But, before you send what you consider your Magnum Opus, let's lay down the ground rules first. Failure to comply will simply result in your review not being published.

- Cursing is okay, but less is definitely more in the case of reviews. You can express frustration towards a certain aspect of any DKU game you choose to review, but if every other fucking word fucking starts to fucking look like the end of this fucking sentence, you might want to consider editing your review. You might also want to consider anger management.

- "Internet slang" might be cool throughout the majority of the internet, but we here believe that opinions can be expressed without the need to tell people that you laughed out loud at a joke you just wrote. Don't use them. Same goes for smileys. If you're happy about a certain addition or a removal, let your words express your happiness or disappointment.

- Make sure you know what you're writing about. If you're going to write a review saying why Conker Live & Reloaded's gameplay's so bad to the point that it deserves to fall off the face of the earth, do so in a mature way and explain why in a reasonable fashion. Don't mindlessly attack or praise any game you review for the sake of it; try to be objective.

- This should go without saying if you're a member of the forums, but proper grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and word usage are absolutely necessary. Every word processor known to man these days has spellcheck; there's absolutely no reason why you can't do a final polish when you're finished writing your masterpiece.

- Try to be politically correct. Racist remarks really don't belong in any review, no matter how inferior you find a game to yourself.

- Divide your reviews into five categories: Graphics, Sound, Gameplay, Originality, and Final Word with a rating of 1 to 10 (integers only, please) and an overall rating.

- As an example of what not to do, read this review. Names have been changed to protect the grammatically guilty; everything else is intact. If you can figure out the many things that are wrong with this, you're well on your way to contributing a much better review.

- Send your reviews to If you're a forum member, include your username in the subject line.

That's it in terms of rules. They seem pretty reasonable, don't you think? With that being said and done, enjoy writing your reviews, and thanks in advance for contributing to the site. Unless, you know, your contributions are crap, and no one wants that.