The Vine Donkey Kong Audio Programme
The Vine: Donkey Kong Audio Programme

After the tumultuous events of the last season, The Vine crew finds themselves stranded in a strange universe completely alien to their own sensibilities. Join Chad McCanna and Hyle Russell, along with Janell McCanna and Jeremy Thorn, as they break their wacky audio programme through the dimensional barrier and into your ear holes! This time around, they're joined by their sardonic robot sidekick, BIDET-52, who's sure to provide his own unique insights on the video games of the past, present, and future.

Meanwhile, Alastair Craig has been left behind in his home reality. We pick up his adventures right where we last left them: Nine months in the past. Will he ever find his friends, or will the shenanigans he gets into be for naught?

The Vine continues to blend peanut butter comedy into your video game discussion chocolate, and this time? It's just too big for one universe to contain.

Episode 207: Crisis On Earth-Seven!
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Episode 206: Shell Game
Episode 205: I've Got '80s Problems (But a Bitch Ain't One)
Episode 204: Never Love Tomorrow Today
Episode 203: Halloween 2011: Om Zom Zom Zom
Episode 202: Wario and Remembrance
Episode 201: Now We Begin

The Complete First Season

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