Episode 201: Now We Begin

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All right, hi, Paisanos! It's time for the second season premiere of The Vine! Hyle and Chad kick things off by establishing the status quo after a nine-month hiatus, guaranteeing more fun than a barrel of Chained Kongs! They begin by discussing Upcoming Games, with a particular focus on the impending output for the Nintendo 3DS. The always-effervescent Janell stops by with her signature in-game sexpose, which threatens more than once to derail into a discussion on internet bestiality. Chad and Janell take diligent notes during one of Hyle's Continuity Corners, and Jeremy berates yet another hapless forum-goer into submission during an energetic round of Trivia!

The show is capped off with a brand new segment, The Royal Flush Brigade, five minutes so epic, it would be absolutely tragic if it were somehow interrupted for the listener by a trans-spatial glimpse into, say, Alastair and Ben's lives. Good god, that would be a hypothetical shame.

Cram in some earbuds, grab a slice of mushroom pizza, and kick back to enjoy The Vine: Season Two!

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Special Thanks
    Alastair Craig
    Janell McCanna
    Jeremy Thorn
    Ben Kosmina