Episode 202: Wario and Remembrance

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With our hosts still stranded in the Mushroom Universe, they continue their tour of the Mario series by spinning their wheels, both figuratively and literally, with a healthy dose of Mario Kart discussion! The first lap is a look at the upcoming Mario Kart 7, with both Chad and Hyle analyzing videos you've already watched months ago! Then, Janell pulls into their lane with her brand new segment, Cake Bakin', Love Makin'!

However, just when their cruise control is set with this status quo, their plans quickly hydroplane when a new driver enters the race. Will this mysterious character threaten to dismantle The Vine crew and send them to the scrap heap? If so, they better get another Obscure Character Showcase out of their inventory drawer... er, glove compartment... before it's too late!

On the final lap, it's a race against time with yet another new segment. You better bring the lube in a jiffy, because they're calling it Master Debater! Sit tight and buckle up, because this episode is riding in the HOV lane whether it has two passengers or not! And it does.

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Special Thanks
    Alastair Craig
    Janell McCanna
    Jeremy Thorn
    Anne-Gaelle Craig
    Ben Kosmina
    Andrew Buchanan
    J. R. Stone (www.JRStoneArt.com)