Episode 203: Om Zom Zom Zom

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Last time, after escaping the Mushroom Universe, the fate of our cast was left up in the air. Were they to return home, or find themselves in yet another creepy world? Well, we're not going to spoil it here, but you can bet that the answer will have frightening consequences.

In this very spooky episode, the streets are deserted. Not a soul is around. Of course, that means it's the perfect chance to talk about Donkey Kong! Specifically, a look at some Dead Games that have recently found a return from the grave! Then, it's a direct spotlight on everyone's favorite non-crocodile, non-Blackeye pirate in an Obscure Character Showcase! What of the sexual relations that exist between the here and the hereafter? Why, we better head to The Jungle Shore! Finally, bloodshed breaks out over a very particular form of enemy seen through the Donkey Kong Universe, and it can only be satiated in Master Debater!

Elsewhere, Alastair continues his journey to find his lost friends... with chilling results! Shivers will run down your spine as he bones up on geography so he can haunt new locations and begin digging up...

Ugh. It's Halloween, see.

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Special Thanks
    Janell McCanna
    Alastair Craig
    Robin Gibbons
    Steve Gibbons
    Jeremy Thorn
    Andrew Buchanan
    J. R. Stone (www.JRStoneArt.com)