Episode 204: Never Love Tomorrow Today

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Our intrepid Vine crew finds itself universe hopping out of the frying pan, and smack in the middle of a universe ripe with espionage, intrigue, and rampant womanizing. While Janell recouperates from her probably life-threatening wounds, Hyle, Chad, and their robot pal BIDET-52 wax philosophical over a Diddy Kong Pilot alpha build in a round of Game Discussion.

Upon Janell's return, the group educates a newfound ally in the ways of the DKU via Jaynell Walking, prepping him for a dangerous mission. Once he's off, the quartet has no choice but to take a call for relationship advice in that old standby, Men Are From Treehouses, Women Are From Save Points. It doesn't go well.

But once the mission is underway, nothing can stop the momentum! That is, except a spirited conversation to determine the true fate of Rare, via that old stalwart Master Debater. It all ends in a finale so action packed, so panty-moisteningly debonair, you'll want to listen with a watered-down martini and won't even care.

Download (102.65 MB)

Special Thanks
    Alastair Craig
    Janell McCanna
    Karla Gurney
    J. R. Stone (www.JRStoneArt.com)